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We got ourselves into this mess and…..


We’ll have to get ourselves out of it.

Tweepi v2.0 :: a geekier, faster way to bulk add quality followers

  • flush the unfollowers  ?  Many users on Twitter feel that if a user does not follow them back, it’s somehow insulting. This utility is designed to ‘teach those users a lesson by unfollowing them‘ with just a few clicks. Tweepi’s Geeky Flush is a simple utility for quickly spotting tweeps that you follow but do not follow you back.
  • reciprocate  ?  It takes a really long time to find all the users you’re not following on Twitter and then following each one back individually! This tool helps you find all the users that follow you, but you do not follow back, so that you can follow them back with a click of a button.
  • cleanup the inactives  ?  So, you’re following more than a hundred people on Twitter. You must have noticed that many of these users do not engage in conversations, never retweet anybody, or simply just ramble about nonsense stuff all day long (no links to useful content whatsoever!). You can use Tweepi’s geeky cleanup tool to filter these people out and unfollow them. Geeky Clean-up enables you to filter out those inactive and unwanted tweeps by letting you check out their details and decide for yourself!
  • force to unfollow you NEW  ?  Undesirable people are following you? Nasty avatars appearing on your ‘Followers’ list? You can use Tweepi’s Force Unfollow tool to filter these people out and force them to unfollow you.
  • follow new tweeps  ?  Tweepi has a collection of services to help you discover and follow new tweeps:
    1. Follow a @user’s followers
    2. Follow a @user’s friends
    3. Follow using a Twitter list
    4. Follow by copy/pasting a list Try them out, we guarantee you’ll love ’em!

… the Twitter management tool with stats!



Here’s some of the things this tool does. I just discovered it. I believe tools such as Hoot Suite and Tweek Deck do some, or maybe all, of these things but what I liked about Tweepi was how easy it seems to be to navigate and understand. Some tools (not Tweepi) do SO much that they’re an annoyance because of the brain drain to use them. Tweepi was recommended on something I was reading just now.

So….an expat wants to watch a US TV show! What’s the big deal?

What if there was a Pinterest For Salsa Fans?

Most of you know that Pinterest.com has been the hottest social media site in the history of social media.  You’ve heard that Pinterest has grown faster than Facebook, Twitter and Linked in combined….or something like that.

But seriously, Pinterest came out of absolute nowhere and took the internet marketing world by absolute storm.  Who would have thought that something as seemingly mindless and casual as just sharing pretty pictures could be turned to profit?

But that’s what happened……and it’s fixing to happen again.

What if there was a Pinterest for music….Salsa music, Bachata music, Kizomba….whatever?

There will be soon.  Watch here for details soon.

Rachel Wolfe…..practical advice about ‘working mobile’ from a successful working lady.

One of my favorite things about internet marketing is the ability to work from anywhere.

It’s so fun to travel and see all kinds of different things

Right now I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Brooklyn, NY. On my right, there’s a man trying to seduce a girl from Amsterdam. On the left, there’s a guy dancing by himself to the Beatles. It’s totally random and I love it. :)

I really like working from cafes. It’s so much funner than sitting at home and working by yourself. I feel that gets lonely, tiring, and stale after a while.

And now that I’ve been traveling/working for so long, I’ve honed in some “best practices” to make traveling and working as seamless as possible.

Here are some of my favorite tips:

1. Bring a surge protector to cafes. Usually cafes have limited outlet space. If you bring your own surge protector you can share the outlets with other people.

This is especially helpful if:

a) All the outlets are taken when you get to a cafe

b) You’ve been using an outlet for a while and feel bad (or maybe that’s just me :) ).

(Special thinks to the beautiful Jaime Mintun for this tip!)

2. If you’re in an area you’ve never been in before and don’t have your own wifi, it’s very helpful to have phone apps that tell you which places nearby do. I have both the Starbucks app and this app.

Between both of them, you can often find places that have internet connection. However, I do recommend having your own, which brings me to…

3.  Have your own wifi. I recommend the Clear online plan. It’s $50/month and you has excellent coverage.

I love this because:

a) A lot of times, seats at cafes with wifi fill up. Yesterday I went to 3 different cafes that had absolutely no seats available. I ended up at one cafe that did NOT offer wifi. The smart people who had their own wifi were working there. :)

b) Having your own internet connection is super helpful at hotels when you’d otherwise have to pay $15/day for internet.

c) You can use this while traveling. When I was driving cross country and and had time sensitive deadlines, there were times I’d pull over in the middle of nowhere, get some work done from my car, and then start driving again.

I like this particular service because despite the horrific sales page, it works really well (better than the Verizon I used to have), is very cheap, and you don’t have to pay for an initial USB if you get a refurbished one (which works fine).

4. Go healthy. Working from cafes doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health. I often order a healthy drink (decaf tea or water) and then bring snacks with me. Sometimes I have a healthy bar in my purse or something in a ziplock bag, like carrots or sliced cucumber.

5. Plan out your day while waiting for your order. I like to make a list of everything I want to do the night before I work, and then while I wait for my order, I create a timed to-do list.

For example, today’s is:

7:50 – 8:10 am: Download plugin

8:10- 8:30 am Convert links

8:30- 9:30 am Fix all Happy Copywriting thank you pages

9:30- 10:30 am Write blog post

…and so forth.

Here’s today’s full list:

6. Use Dropbox. This is AWESOME for syncing all your files together. I have all my files on Dropbox so I can access them from my computer, my iPad, and my iPhone.

Sometimes if I find myself waiting for something (like if I’m out to lunch and waiting for my food), I start journaling or mindmapping. (I’m kind of restless sometimes.)

It’s so nice to be able to pull out my iPhone, grab my 60 day plan from Dropbox, and then create ideas around different things on my plan.

7. Outsource as much as possible. Working from cafes is really great when you want to be creative. If you outsource as many un-fun tasks as possible, you can focus on only the things that light you up.

So there you have it… 7 of my favorite work-from-cafe tips! I hope this helps, because working from cafes definitely makes life a LOT more fun. :)

And what are YOUR thoughts? Do you have another idea I haven’t mentioned? Please feel free to share below!

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I think working from cafes would be exciting. As soon as I get a new laptop I’ll be doing more of it myself. Rachel is certainly qualified to speak regarding this subject because she used to actually own her own outsourcing company. Point is….she knows a lot of getting leverage.

What would it mean for certain businesses IF….Facebook had something like AdSense?

Right now there’s a lot of niches where the businesses in them, for the most part, don’t really understand and are in fact pretty much oblivious to what certain other niches and business know about using paid advertising on the internet.  The advertising I’m referring to is Google’s AdSense and one of the niches I’m referring to which doesn’t use it is the dance studio industry.

But…..here’s the deal:

What if something changed that shoved that basic idea so strongly ‘in their face’ that they couln’t igore it and they could and did start to use it?

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New video for Barranquilla Beauties Romance Tours

My friend Sam Smith undoubtedly is the hardest working guy in the international singles dating business,  Sam learned about the international dating and romance business about 10 years ago when he worked for another company that did ‘romance tours’ to several cities in Central and South America. 

Sam actually met his present wife in Barranquilla, Colombia on one of those tours.  Later, he decided to go into business for himself and started www.ilovelatins.com which presently specializes in one city….Barranquilla, Colombia.

Since then he’s taken hundreds of guys to Barranquilla, Colombia where they enjoy a series of complete, thoroughly planned introductions and social events.  Typically there are from 15-30 guys on a trip and Sam puts on two gala receptions in a beautiful hotel ballroom where he and his wife introduce the guys  to an average of 300 ladies each night (i.e. a different group of ladies each night!). 

As you can see from the many videos on Sam’s site, www.ilovelatins.com, the guys are treated like ‘rock stars’.  They are completely blown away by the enthusiastic yet very sincer interest these ladies show towards them.  Since some of them have had bad experiences with US marriages or relationships, they come away completely renewed by the experience.

The ‘Sunday Pool Party’ is set aside for the guys to invite any ‘special ladies’ to attend but Sam nevertheless invites a group of the prettiest ladies to come too.  At all these events, Sam always has plenty of interpretor/translators on hand so that guys don’t have to worry about not speaking or understanding Spanish.  Many of the ladies there in Barranquilla do speak enough English to get by but having the IT’s in attendance makes sure that language is never a problem at all.

Sam must be doing something right because he’s had over 450 successful marriages as a direct result of his tours and services and, even though there are a few other agencies that visit Barranquilla, Sam’s tours are by far the most attended and most popular with the ladies.  Sam knows many of the ladies by first name and he’s well known and respected by them because they know he met and married his present wife, Consuela, in Barranquilla.

Since there is some paperwork involved in the marriage process between US citizens and Colombianas, Sam’s good friend and international marriage and immigration attorney, Gary Bala, from California, often attends these tours too so he can make presentations and offer the guys various kinds of advice.  Mr. Bala has learned a lot of the insider tips-and-tricks of expediting the process of a US citizen marrying a lady from Colombia and his assistence is highly valued by Sam and the guys who’ve used his services.

Barranquilla itself is a very nice, peaceful and safe city.  The weather is usually very nice…not too hot and not too cold.  It has an international airport, all the great shopping, dining, entertainment, and infrastructure anybody could want. 

The people of Barranquilla are renowned for their friendliness towards North Americans and, by now, many of them either know Sam personally or know of his excellent reputation in supporting and promoting the city and it’s people. 

Security or crime has never been an issue and, in fact, that’s one of the things the guys comment on the most after they go…i.e. how safe and peaceful everything was.

Flight connection are seldom a problem as connections to Barranquilla are available form most airports in the US.

If you’d like more information about Sam’s trips down to Barranquilla, Colombia, visit his website at www.ilovelatins.com and/or give him a call at 281-481-0036.

Here’s a video about Sam’s program:



How to use Scoop.it and Twitter in the dance business

Take a look at www.scoop.it. It’s a free tool (with a paid upgrade…but I don’t use it) that makes a very attractive magazine-like page with your authorship attached.  Actually, it’s waht’s called ‘curated’ content.

Curation is very big nowadays although I don’t have time to go into the ‘why’ of it here.  Regardless, using Scoop to curate content (easy to do) and then using Twitter to announce new editions of your curated content makes perfect sense.

And if you’re curating good content, tweeting to a good, authoritative and influencial Twitter following, it will help the SEO of your Tweets on Google.

The UN is coming after our guns!

I mean that rhetorically.  Actually, I don’t own any guns.  But if I was back in the US, I damn sure would.  Point is, I’d like to give you an analogy to illustrate what’s going on with the UN and their ‘gun-grabbing’ plans for the American public.

If you’ve ever owned a dog or a cat, you know that there are times when they’re ‘bad’ and you have to discipline them.  And after you’ve had to do it a few times, that animal get’s where they’re kinda ‘smart’ to what’s going on when they’ve been bad, aren’t they?

In times like those, after awhile you know that you better be careful reaching for that animal because you know they might bite you, right?

So what do you do?

Well, first of all, when the animal is bad…you try not to show your displeasure until you’ve got the animal by the scruff of the neck in such a way that you can whack it’s ass without it biting you, right?

So…if you’re an evil, un-American organization like the UN or a group of world-class bastards like the majority of the banking elite…do you think they’ll give us warning before they herd us into their prison camps?

I don’t think so! 

The only problem is that the public is waking up.  And that includes a substantial part of our military and local law enforcement personnel.  As Alex says in the video above, they know that what they’re being trained to do is flat-out wrong…and they don’t like it.

But they need our support.  That’s why you need to become an info-warrior….like Alex.  Or like I try to be.  We can take our country back if enough people simply say, “No!  Enough is enough!”

My point of this post is that I agree with Alex.  You don’t have to be a super-sophisticated prognosticator to see which direction our government and the larger world-government that controls it is going. 

Just like that cat or god…they’re going to swoop in some day or night and try to rapidly disarm the American public, just like they did in New Orleans and Katrina.  They took guns from people 100 miles away from New Orleans.


Not because they really gave a rat’s ass about the guns.  They were training those troops for the really ‘big show’ in the near future.  That future is very close.

If I had a gun…I’d hide it right now and try to come up with a plausible excuse why you don’t have it.  Just look at history.  When they take your right to defend yourself, you have no defense again evil…and evil is always going to be with us until Jesus comes anyway.