The Aurora Dark Knight Shooter….I think he was manipulated.

by wanderingsalsero

Just about everybody knows the movie, “The Bourne Affair”.  That’s the one where Tom Cruise plays a guy who is trained by a small group of extremists (although I’m not actually sure how ‘minority’ those characters really are reality) within the US government to be a highly trained killer.

Something happens…a ‘job’ goes bad, Tom (i.e. his character) escapes, comes to his sense but realizes he can’t remember who he is or what his background is, he eventually finds out that he was being manipulated so he tracks down the scum-bag, self-rightious bad-guys within the government and kills them.

Well, point is….I suspected such might be the case immediately when I heard about this but after now seeing the photographs of this Dark Knight guy in court, how he looks like his mind is almost gone…I’m very, very suspicious that he was involved in somethign like this. 

Anybody who has the rationality and courage to read the publicaly available literature knows that the government has been experimenting with stuff like this for years.  It’s not implausible at all.

The whole deal, and the context it fits within (i.e. gun control, UN treaty, DHS, Obama, election-time, etc.), all point toward a deeper, darker purpose to this. I think this is another government false-flag operation designed to further ripen the situation for a government clamp-down on gun owners and civil rights in general.