Are online games social….yet?

by wanderingsalsero

I’ve recently been doing some custom videos for a friend of mine, Sam, who has an introduction agency  Part of the process involves thinking about ways to increase the ‘engagement’ between the two geographically dispersed groups he services….i.e. the guys in the US who aspire to go on one of his tours down to Barranquilla and the girls who are down there and eagerly await each new ‘shipment’ of guys when he brings his groups of guys down there.

In thinking about that issue, I wondered if there was such a thing as an online game that groups of people could play, for free, together and by doing so get to know each other better.  To me, that would be called an ‘online social game’.

I’m still not sure if there actually is such a thing but I did a google search for ‘online social games‘ and one thing I did find was this site:  I don’t think it’s the answer to my quest but at least it sorta indicates that somebody else has had the same idea that I did.

Back to Sam’s organization,below I’m going to show you the latest video I made for Sam’s group.

I’m going to do this for all the girls that we have in our Skype Group that I’m running.  Right now we’ve got about 50 people total in it…some guys and some girls.   

The guys of course want to see what the girls look like but the girls also want to see what the guys look like.  In this case, the girls get their videos for free because they’re basically the ‘product’ that the guys pay to meet. 

I’ll be charging the guys, beyond a couple of freebies I’m giving away to the first that respond, something around $40 per video which I think is very reasonable considering that they actually get the downloadable video to use anywhere else they want (i.e. facebook, their blog, other dating sites…whatever).

Other large, successful companies in the international dating/romance business, such as and, charge big bucks for everything they do.  Sam’s deal is actually a much better value.  The only thing he suffers from is a website that’s grown uncontrollably and gotten a bit unorganized.  Yet he survives in his niche because he works his butt off to give such good service.

So, here’s the latest video I did for Sam.  This young ladies’ name is Bexy.

I enjoy doing this sort of thing.  It’s sort of a cross between social media and …whatever.