A Video I Did For My Artist Friend…Ron Gordon in Houston

by wanderingsalsero

Here’s a video I did for a friend of mine back in Houston, TX., Ron Gordon. Ron is a truly great artist and also a fine fellow. During the time we were friends back there I actually learned a lot about art too.

I’ve started a service where I’m making custom videos for businesses and executives. I told Ron I was doing a few for free so I could build a portfolio and that one of the markets I wanted to service was artists and photographers.

I’m doing videos that basically satisfy three different types of needs:

1. Before and After Videos. These would be videos that highlight the difference before and after a service is performed or a product is used. Laser tatoo removal, auto body repair, dental work (e.g. teeth whitening) or home remodeling would be some examples.

2. Portfolio Vidoes. Lots of business, such as photographers, artists, models, and even certain types of products like custom auto painting, pin-striping, or fitness centers (showing their equipment) would be some examples.

3. “About Us” Videos. How many websites have you seen that have a little, cheesy, un-exciting ‘about us’ page or paragraph?  Lot’s right.

Wouldn’t it be much more effective to have a nice video with nice music and some appropriate captions?  Such videos immediately put your business in a positive relationship with the viewer/potential customer……especially if they’re first-time viewers.

Those are the types of videos I’m making. Very few businesses use video like this and the few agencies who are making them, like me, typically charge $200 or more.  But I’ll be charging less than that.

Right now, while I’m building up my portfolio, I’m even discounting my normal prices so…if you’re interesting in getting a beautiful, custom-made video like this for your business, get in touch with me and tell me what you want.