What would it mean for certain businesses IF….Facebook had something like AdSense?

by wanderingsalsero

Right now there’s a lot of niches where the businesses in them, for the most part, don’t really understand and are in fact pretty much oblivious to what certain other niches and business know about using paid advertising on the internet.  The advertising I’m referring to is Google’s AdSense and one of the niches I’m referring to which doesn’t use it is the dance studio industry.

But…..here’s the deal:

What if something changed that shoved that basic idea so strongly ‘in their face’ that they couln’t igore it and they could and did start to use it?

What if some company or platform that virtually all the people in that thus-far ‘oblivious-dumb-and-happy’ industry suddenly made it possible (and hopefully easy) for them to use paid advertising?

What if that ‘company or platform’ was……Facebook?

Everybody in the dance studio business (and I’m talking especially about Salsa fanatics) is fairly familiar and comfortable with Facebook, right?  Well, there are some few signals showing up now that Facebook just might have something to compete with Google’s primary money-maker AdSense.

According to the source in this linked article, below, Facebook is looking at something they might call ‘FaceSense’.  If it happened, it would bring paid advertising to a LOT of people who’ve successfully ignored it before. 

And of course, the people who early-adopt and early-understand this new advertising method will make a lot of money.  Not so much from stealing students from other studios and other teachers (which is always one of the ways that companies get new customers) but from reaching ‘newbies’…i.e people just getting into dance.  

Beginner classes are always the biggest revenue producers.  Anything that helps companies/businesses get brand-new customers, whether it’s students for beginning-Salsa classes or first time users of X-service or whatever, is going to be big.

Here’s the article I just read that points in that direction:

This Diagram Explains Facebook’s Next $10 Billion Business