New video for Barranquilla Beauties Romance Tours

by wanderingsalsero

My friend Sam Smith undoubtedly is the hardest working guy in the international singles dating business,  Sam learned about the international dating and romance business about 10 years ago when he worked for another company that did ‘romance tours’ to several cities in Central and South America. 

Sam actually met his present wife in Barranquilla, Colombia on one of those tours.  Later, he decided to go into business for himself and started which presently specializes in one city….Barranquilla, Colombia.

Since then he’s taken hundreds of guys to Barranquilla, Colombia where they enjoy a series of complete, thoroughly planned introductions and social events.  Typically there are from 15-30 guys on a trip and Sam puts on two gala receptions in a beautiful hotel ballroom where he and his wife introduce the guys  to an average of 300 ladies each night (i.e. a different group of ladies each night!). 

As you can see from the many videos on Sam’s site,, the guys are treated like ‘rock stars’.  They are completely blown away by the enthusiastic yet very sincer interest these ladies show towards them.  Since some of them have had bad experiences with US marriages or relationships, they come away completely renewed by the experience.

The ‘Sunday Pool Party’ is set aside for the guys to invite any ‘special ladies’ to attend but Sam nevertheless invites a group of the prettiest ladies to come too.  At all these events, Sam always has plenty of interpretor/translators on hand so that guys don’t have to worry about not speaking or understanding Spanish.  Many of the ladies there in Barranquilla do speak enough English to get by but having the IT’s in attendance makes sure that language is never a problem at all.

Sam must be doing something right because he’s had over 450 successful marriages as a direct result of his tours and services and, even though there are a few other agencies that visit Barranquilla, Sam’s tours are by far the most attended and most popular with the ladies.  Sam knows many of the ladies by first name and he’s well known and respected by them because they know he met and married his present wife, Consuela, in Barranquilla.

Since there is some paperwork involved in the marriage process between US citizens and Colombianas, Sam’s good friend and international marriage and immigration attorney, Gary Bala, from California, often attends these tours too so he can make presentations and offer the guys various kinds of advice.  Mr. Bala has learned a lot of the insider tips-and-tricks of expediting the process of a US citizen marrying a lady from Colombia and his assistence is highly valued by Sam and the guys who’ve used his services.

Barranquilla itself is a very nice, peaceful and safe city.  The weather is usually very nice…not too hot and not too cold.  It has an international airport, all the great shopping, dining, entertainment, and infrastructure anybody could want. 

The people of Barranquilla are renowned for their friendliness towards North Americans and, by now, many of them either know Sam personally or know of his excellent reputation in supporting and promoting the city and it’s people. 

Security or crime has never been an issue and, in fact, that’s one of the things the guys comment on the most after they go…i.e. how safe and peaceful everything was.

Flight connection are seldom a problem as connections to Barranquilla are available form most airports in the US.

If you’d like more information about Sam’s trips down to Barranquilla, Colombia, visit his website at and/or give him a call at 281-481-0036.

Here’s a video about Sam’s program: