When can you DM on Twitter and When can you NOT DM on Twitter

by wanderingsalsero

I was just reading something about Twitter etiquette and it was so simple that I thought it was also profound.  Think about this question:

Assuming Twitter has some value (which it does)…when should you answer a tweet DM (Direct Message)?

The answer is that you should answer it if:

  • It’s negative (answering it is called ‘reputation management’), or
  • If it’s a direct question

But…did you know that you can only DM people who you are following?

It’s true.

So, does that mean you should follow everybody who follows you?

No, it doesn’t.  While it sounds good to ‘love’ everybody and follow everybody, the fact is that there are already other people who do that.  And if everybody was following everybody else…what kind of mess would that create?

Point is…you need to have a criteria for who you follow.  You’ve got to have a good reason to follow them.  There’s nothing cruel about it.  It’s a simple matter of time management.

There are also ways you can determine how influential people are before you follow them and it makes perfect sense to do that before you follow somebody.

So, remember, some DMs that your get are important, but you can’t answer them if you aren’t following that person yourself.  Some questions are more important than other so…follow with purpose.