The UN is coming after our guns!

by wanderingsalsero

I mean that rhetorically.  Actually, I don’t own any guns.  But if I was back in the US, I damn sure would.  Point is, I’d like to give you an analogy to illustrate what’s going on with the UN and their ‘gun-grabbing’ plans for the American public.

If you’ve ever owned a dog or a cat, you know that there are times when they’re ‘bad’ and you have to discipline them.  And after you’ve had to do it a few times, that animal get’s where they’re kinda ‘smart’ to what’s going on when they’ve been bad, aren’t they?

In times like those, after awhile you know that you better be careful reaching for that animal because you know they might bite you, right?

So what do you do?

Well, first of all, when the animal is bad…you try not to show your displeasure until you’ve got the animal by the scruff of the neck in such a way that you can whack it’s ass without it biting you, right?

So…if you’re an evil, un-American organization like the UN or a group of world-class bastards like the majority of the banking elite…do you think they’ll give us warning before they herd us into their prison camps?

I don’t think so! 

The only problem is that the public is waking up.  And that includes a substantial part of our military and local law enforcement personnel.  As Alex says in the video above, they know that what they’re being trained to do is flat-out wrong…and they don’t like it.

But they need our support.  That’s why you need to become an info-warrior….like Alex.  Or like I try to be.  We can take our country back if enough people simply say, “No!  Enough is enough!”

My point of this post is that I agree with Alex.  You don’t have to be a super-sophisticated prognosticator to see which direction our government and the larger world-government that controls it is going. 

Just like that cat or god…they’re going to swoop in some day or night and try to rapidly disarm the American public, just like they did in New Orleans and Katrina.  They took guns from people 100 miles away from New Orleans.


Not because they really gave a rat’s ass about the guns.  They were training those troops for the really ‘big show’ in the near future.  That future is very close.

If I had a gun…I’d hide it right now and try to come up with a plausible excuse why you don’t have it.  Just look at history.  When they take your right to defend yourself, you have no defense again evil…and evil is always going to be with us until Jesus comes anyway.