When words hit the nail on the head…re: new Pinterest competitor, “Fancy”.

by wanderingsalsero

Celebrities, Einhorn says, have led the way in this regard, as many are paid to tweet about products or recieve material goods and gifts in return for seemingly innocuous endorsements. Everyone should have the opportunity to be compensated for their style, he says. The market’s moving in that direction anyway.

Click through that link up there and you’ll find out more but the quote really makes perfect sense even though I never heard anybody say it exactly that way.  As you think about it (if you allow yourself) you’ll realize that this is yet one more reason to start blogging.

As more and more brands, like “Fancy” is getting them to do, start implimenting viral referral programs and integrating ecommerce with ‘social’, there will be a much greater incentive to ‘name drop’…..just like the celebritites do (as the article points out).

Note: I hard this new company mentioned by Jason Fladlien, one of the genuienly creative minds in internet marketing today.  When Jason makes a predittion…people listen.  Jason said Fancy will be big.