by wanderingsalsero

What Google up to and how will it effect the dance studio business?  I see some hints at it in this article.

Here’s an interesting article examining what Google has up their sleeve, why and what it might mean to us.

Googles Greatest Hit List

I don’t know how many of YOU follow this kind of stuff or not but, like it or not, we ARE headed toward a totally immersive, internet connected lifestyle.  If you think SMS and mobile marketing is a ‘bitch’ to get your mind around…you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Wait until you’ve got socially oriented software and algorithms (which Google does) and they start giving you information, whether you asked for it or not, based on it’s total cumulative profile of you and your lifestyle. 

For dancers and people in or around that business, these new paradigms are going to open up a LOT of possibilities for using all the new technology to grow your businesses.  And I will also point out that this is yet another reason why studio owner and professional dancers and teachers would be wise to start to develop their own circle of contacts and ‘free-lancers’ (or full time assistants) to help them master this new stuff before their competition does.