Facebook Content Shelf-life

by wanderingsalsero

Remember I mentioned the other day that Facebook Timeline has changed the way we need to use Facebook?  Well, here’s one of the ways.

Facebook designers purposefully designed the new Timeline style to feature visual material more prominently (e.g. photos are bigger….did you notice?) because they’re aware that people prefer scanning pictures over reading.  They also designed their system to reward content creators who post more regularly with picutres and videos and whose content gets more feedback.

That’s why you want to be sure to put your very best visual content on Facebook.  And do it in such a way that it’ll tend to generate more engagement. Remember, Facebook sells ads too…just like Google.  And they want to feature Facebook pages that get lots of eyeball and long viewing sessions.  That means the ads on the pages are more likely to get clicks.

So that’s it.  The nature of ‘good ammo’ on Facebook is moving toward visual because Facebook content has a shorter shelf-life than it used to.  You can cope with this new phenomenon by knowing what kind of content tends to last longer and get greater engagement….VISUAL content.