Here’s one BIG way marketing is different on the web now…

by wanderingsalsero

No doubt about it….the web is changing.  People were just beginning to get their mind around email and then along came videos, and then video marketing got (and is still getting) more competitive and more complicated, then Facebook popped up..and now it’s becoming more complicated too.

And now you’ve got things like Pinterest, Instagram, Slideshare and some others that you’re starting to hear about.  And if you’re normal at all, you’re thinking, “Gee….all this is totally Greek to me.  I can’t even imagine how much money I’m leaving on the table by not knowing anything about all these new platforms and techniquies!!?

Well, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger because you’re not alone.  Most people, even me, have severe gaps in their understanding about all the different new ways things can work nowadays.  The good news is, however, business is graded ‘on the curve’ so as long as YOU know more than your competition you’re probably still going to do OK.

Also, if you know a LOT about one of the lesser effective methods but your competition, even though they’re trying one of the newer more powerful methods….if they aren’t maxing it then ….you’re still going to come out on top simply by virtue of your better ‘execution’.

But I do want to point out something that will help you further understand the big picture in marketing on the web today.  It’s basically this:

Marketing today is moving rapidly toward “VISUAL”.  Think about it:  Facebook Timeline……VISUAL.  Pinterest…..VISUAL.  Instagram…….VISUAL.  YouTube…..VISUAL….Infographics…VISUAL.

Facebook is still the cock-of-the-rock in social media and their new Timeline feature was/is intended to hit the visual stimuli head-on.  I’ve been reading a lot about it lately and I can see that I certainly haven’t been doing it right myself  Although, honestly…..I’ll be the first to admit that I still don’t segregate and define clearly enough my various marketing ‘personas’ as well as I should.

But if you are in business (including the dance studio or dancing instruction business), you really need to milk the new Facebook Timeline feature for all it’s worth.  I’d love to share with you some of the things I’ve discovered about it lately.  Feel free to give me any questions you’d like to know more about and I’ll try to write something about it.  Or shoot me an email or a skype call if you want to sometime.

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