Socail Media and the required ‘support’ take a lot of time….that many businesses don’t have.

by wanderingsalsero

Here’s and excellent article from the always informative Maximaize Social Media site.  In this article they cover the aspect of the time it takes to support your customers.  First impulse might be to think, “What does customer support have to do with social media?”

The answer is that business is becoming more personal today.  As my friend Thom McFadden says,’Everybody’s got a widget or gadget today but customers prefer to buy from somebody they know’. 

Social media is how they get to know you…if you do it right. 

That’s the connection with social media.  It’s one thing to use Facebook and Twitter and all those other tools to make friends with somebody and eventually get their business.  It’s quiet another thing to service your customers in a timely fashion and keep those customer as ‘satisfied’ customers who will give you referrals to their friends and also on the new social metric sites popping up everywhere nowadays (like Google+Local).

If you’re a business and you’re generating social media and trying to encourage engagement and interaction with your customer….but you don’t react or respond when you get social media originated inquiries…’re not doing your business any favors.  Matter of fact, it probably would have been better if you’d not had any social media at all.  If you can’t handle the responsibilities that come with the opportunities that social media creates…you’ve just shot yourself in the foot.

Here’s some interesting facts from the article I just read:

30% of your customers who raise an issue through social media expect a response the same day, 30% expect a response within hours, another 30% expect a response within 1 hour and over 10% expect a response within 10 minutes!

(Yes, those are approximate numbers)

Do you have that kind of time?  Very few businesses owners do.

That is why having a social media manager is a smart move.  And it most cases it’s cheaper to outsource the job too.

Your job, in most cases, is to create the ‘product’ of your business.  And that’s a full time job in itself.  Many businesses are finding that outsourcing social media management pays off very well because it actually makes the business owner more productive in those things that contribute directly to sales.

Having someone to keep your Facebook page clean, purge it of spam, filter out lower level messages that don’t require your personal attention, forwarding to you those daily items that do require your personal attention, keeping up the daily banter with your community members that keeps your brand uppermost in their mind, submitting daily content that reinforces your image as a leader in your industry…..all those things are themselves a full time job and they really ought to be done by somebody other than you.

If you’re in the dance business, you’d be wise to let somebody handle your social media matters who understands the dance community… me.  If you want to try to do it yourself that’s OK too but don’t expect to get much sleep šŸ™‚