Time for the Second American Revolution? :

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Time for the Second American Revolution?

July 2, 2012 by  
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By Sartre
July 2, 2012

For well over the last decade BATR has argued that the Republic is dead. Now that the Supreme Court has rendered their decision on Obamacare, there can be no doubt that the funeral for a nation, born out of a revolution for liberty, is over.

The country, buried in the ashes of totalitarian despotism, is now history.

The plurality of citizens naively accepts that the national government has legitimacy. Such a claim is erroneous. What more proof does one need that slavery is the official status for the American public.

The implication of affirming the health insurance mandate sets the precedent for and escalates an unlimited federal tyranny.

The twisted interpretation that a forced and binding purchase of medical coverage is justified because the government can tax its citizens is demonic in its inception. Coercion as a mean for compliance is like whipping your indentured servant for the privilege of serving the master.

By opening the flood-gate of unlimited federal taxation authority to compel behavior, guarantees punitive submission for a limitless concoction of social engineering. It is a short leap to require ID chip implants and compulsory designated conduct.

The hijacking of health care by a mandatory federal oppression pushes citizens to renounce their fidelity to a constitutional framework, already abandoned by the political power elite. Constrains and separation of the “Federalism” system of shared authority, is now eliminated.

The central government is all-supreme in the gulag version of benevolent dependency.

The Supreme Court is a pitiful tool of the executive autocrat that wheels administrative regulation like a crazed beast. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. is a disgrace. Whether his decision reflects intimidation or legacy hubris, the net effect is that he shoveled dirt on the tombstone of the constitution.

The seemingly limit on the commerce clause is circumvented by validating that taxing obligated conduct is legal. This extreme viewpoint condones any dictate by government fiat that Congress conspires to force people to obey. Such a conclusion abdicates the essence of constitutional protections.

Natural law is not arbitrary and subject to the whims of radical statists. Ignoring fundamental human rights is the definitive abuse against humanity. The federal government is making the nanny state into a chamber of horror.

Immutable principles that protect individuals from compulsory demands that violate free choice always are reprehensible. However, the latest rebuke to the sovereign dignity of citizens – poisons the water for any thirsty seeker of liberty and justice.

The consequences of the added financial costs from the Obamacare administration are frightening. The devil is in the details, never was more appropriate. Driving the economy off a cliff is a designed strategy of the collectivist criminals. The unholy alliance of big pharma, health insurance corporatists and dedicated Marxists want the public to be docile serfs in a land of slaves.

Add this dire result of the horrendous increase in taxes from the “Taxmageddon” catastrophe come the end of this year and you have a meltdown formula for a second depression. The Tea Party advocates are correct, “Taxed Enough Already” gains new meaning with the legalization of Obamacare.

Conversely, how can the legislation be legal when a Supreme Court that is determined to worship at the altar of an absolute tyranny violates the rule of law itself?

Incrementalism is the gradual assimilation of society into a different matrix of acceptability. This judicial tragedy is a rapid surge to the system. The body politic is under assault by a deadly virus of biblical dimensions. The core reasons for the War of American Independence seem trite when compared to the level of perdition experienced under the succession of recent presidents.

The bipartisan despotism of both Bush presidents, Clinton and now Obama only accelerate acquiescence to a virtual dictatorship. In order to understand the nature of the dilemma, appreciate the message in The Meaning of Independence Day.

The justification for a Second American Revolution should be self-evident. However, there are few real Americans left, who comprehend the unique heritage of this nation. A spontaneous uprising to overthrow the political outlaws is unlikely. With that admission, the moral imperative still requires a personal commitment to oppose the corrupt regime that proceeds in enslaving society.

The tipping point is upon us. The chains you wear are shackles you lock each day; you observe, obey or consent to unlawful government. You have the power to refuse compliance. Confront the consequences or suffer the indignation of a life of servitude.

Celebrate this July 4th with a renewed dedication that the future of American lies in the moral authority of civil disobedience.

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17 Responses to “Time for the Second American Revolution?”

  1. Patriart says:

    The USA has failed to advance civilization. Obesity, drug use, crime and decayed culture is common. War and exploitation are our main exports. Failure and corruption is everywhere evident and we are controlled by criminals and traitors. Obamacare is just one piece of the plutocracy. Americans lack the intelligence, courage and morality to save the country. I think it is too late now, anyway.

  2. :arry Mowers says:

    It’s way past time!Join us: http://www.watchmenofamerica.com/MAIN-PAGE.html

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    • rtaylortitle says:

      As an ex-conservative GOPer I now know that so-called ‘conservatism’ has morphed into neo-conservatism with its admiration of unconstitutional aggressive, murderous wars, its willingness to continue a private cartel monopoly Federal Reserve and unlimited support (at our expense) of Israeli’s interest instead of complete loyalty to the United States of America.
      I now consider myself a libertarian and I fully recognize that there is NO significant difference between the two national parties….a two-headed SINGLE monster that is currently dedicated to a fascist government at home and empire-creation towards a one world government abroad.

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  5. JennieWalsh says:

    Civil disobedience is certainly called for in this abominable destruction of Liberty.
    The IRS (America’s version of the German Gestapo and the Russian KGB) has been handed the “authority” to enforce this Obamination. For the truth about the IRS, see freeenterprisesociety.com, get their free catalogue and order Robert Lawrence’s DVD showing how the fraudulent, deceitful, UNconstitutional, ILLegal IRS had to back down in their case against Robert Lawrence. The Paperwork Reduction Act requires every government form to get an OMB (Office if Management and Budget) number. The IRS forms do NOT qualify for OMB numbers because NOWHERE in the huge, deceitful, deliberately confusing, so-called “tax code” is there a law requiring an American citizen earning money in the USA to pay tax on his/her income. Such a law would be UNconstitutional and ILLegal. So the fraudulent IRS just put fraudulent OMB numbers on their fraudulent forms. When Robert Lawrence asked the IRS attorney about the OMB numbers in tax court, the IRS attorney pleaded the 5th amendment and dropped the IRS case against Mr. Lawrence.

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  7. familiamtz says:

    Quote, Disent is the life blood of Democracy. Unquote. Thomas Jefferson.

    War is Peace.
    Freedom is Slavery.

    Twenty First Century Fascism is the current state of “America”.
    Mussolini is Proud….

    So the question is will “WE THE PEOPLE” stand on our feet and fight or get on our knees and DIE?????????

    • familiamtz says:

      You’re entitled to your own opinion, however you’re not entitled to your own facts.. Don’t believe me, check Thomas Jefferson Quotes, and then we’ll see who the fraud is…Go look in the mirror..

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  9. familiamtz says:

    Remember, the winners write History…

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  11. Brent says:

    Rock solid American hero’s like General James Amos, Commandant of the Marine Corps and retired Admiral Fallon should have fragged Obama, Biden, Clinton, Holder, 5 supreme court judges and dropped a jdams on Goldman Sachs, Bilderberg and AIPAC meetings years ago.

    Who other than a general has the means to carry out a mission that in mere moments could take out all the riff raff communists that have situated themselves in seats of power? If 20 million combat veterans marched into D.C. tomorrow with small arms, we’d be obliterated by Apache AH-64D and A-10′s.

    Politicians, international corporate CEO’s and other communist enablers lounge behind tall walls guarded by elite forces, as troops trained in armies from all over the world will be deployed into the cities and towns of America to ferret out all noncom’s of the globalist tyranny. (listen to Kissenger’s prediction stated after the 1992 Los Angeles, Ca. riots)

    Easy. Soften us up by first cutting all utilities for 6 months…shut down all petrol deliveries and sit back as American cities erupt into chaos. Those living in rural parts will of course live fine regardless of the grid functioning but too will eventually be decimated due to lack of organization to repel air strikes followed by tactical ground assaults. The people in the cities will kiss the feet of even the most oppressive tyrants as soon as such promise to deliver pizza, beer and restore cable tv.

    Those of us that understand how nations are conquered are ready to die. Not a problem…and die we certainly will.

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Frankly, I don’t think this article was very well written. But the author is right. It IS time for another American Revolution. I mean…just like the last one. And I think it’ll start just like the last one.

Somewhere, somehow….something will happen. Our oppressive government (the one that our Declaration of Independence said it’s not only or right but our duty to overthrow) will do something that will simply be the tipping point. They probably won’t even expect it or know it until it’s too late.

But when that event happens, the die will be cast. There will be no ‘going back’. Many people will be watching and wondering and will do nothing. Others will watch and know what’s happening and they will have to make a decision.

Ultimately…I think everybody will have to make a decision. A very serious decision. I think we’ve reached that point in our nation’s history. Such a shame it is….we really had a good thing going there….for a while.