You can read a lot into a “title”…and here’s an example.

by wanderingsalsero

Planning how to use your blog VS your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, etc: what is each one for?

Everybody says having a good title is important and I agree.  And here’s an example of a title that got my attention right away.

It got my attention because I have been spending some time tonight formatting a new Blogger blog and I came across this guys blog as I was looking for some information.  His blog, frankly, isn’t the snazziest I’ve ever seen, but he obviously is a pretty smart cookie because he’s talking about what is very topical today…the unified effect of all your web properties as a  social marketing device. 

I haven’t even read this article but I plan to tomorrow.  Send me some feedback if you like it.  I’m looking forward to seeing what I can learn from it.