My Prediction For Hot Jobs Of The Present And Foreseeable Future

by wanderingsalsero

In this age of turmoil we live in I predict that we are going to see a re-evaluation in the career and job scene of what’s valuable and what’s not.  One of the skills that I see as becoming even more important that it’s always been is….selling.

And in the online world we live in…selling takes on the extra added dimension of being done usually with the written and/or spoken word.  That’s a skill also known as ‘copy writing’.

So what I’m saying is that copywriting, is going to become even more important in the VERY near future.  Why?

Copywriting will become even more important for the specific reason that everything is going to turn to shit really soon.  And people are going to become very, very protective of what little money they have. 

Of course, governments are going to become even more rapacious than they already are. They’re not going to feel constrained by ethics from stealing or outright confiscating anything and everything of yours that they can.

But nonetheless, there will be for a short while I predict a few people who manage to hang on to some of their wealth.  Those will be the people who’ll be hard sells.  But good selling techniques will still apply and people who have those skills will have a ‘leg up’ on people with skills designed for advanced, industrialized societies with some semblance of order still remaining. 

Our new society, for the next several years anyway, is not going to be very orderly.  In fact, I think it’s going to be dog-eat-dog. It’s going to real tough to make a living.  Even the Bible says that a man in teh ‘end-times’ will work all day for barely enough to feed his family.  But…being able to sell, either in person or in writing, will still be an asset.