A video tip to help you enjoy the 2012 San Francisco International Bachata Festival

by wanderingsalsero


I’m so sad that I won’t be able to attend the 2012 San Francisco International Bachata Festival being put on by Rodney Aquino at the Hyatt Regency this coming July 18-22, 2012.  By the looks of the schedule it’s going to be a really stellar event…featuring world-class performances by dancers and teams from all over the world, endless nights of great dancing in a 20,000 square foot ballroom and dozens of world-class instructors bringing all the latest and greatest tips, tricks and trends in Bachata dancing to those in attendance.

You can get the details yourself at their website: http://www.sanfrancisco.mybachatafestival.com/ 

They have a Facebook page too (who doesn’t, right?) but I think you’ll get more of the kind of information you want by the URL I gave you.

But here’s the reason I’m doing this post.

As you know, I like techie stuff.  And I like video.  If you know about this new site and service I’m going to tell you about, I think it’ll enable you to really get the most out of your video memories at the festival.

Think about it this way. 

The cellphone you carry today is actually more powerful that movies cameras were in Hollywood only a generation ago, right?  But what’s one of the reasons people don’t take more videos?

For most people, the reason we don’t take more videos is because it’s hard to edit the content we make and also because once you do take the videos you’ve got to ‘put’ the digital content somewhere.  It real easy to fill up the memory on your phone, right?

Well, by using Google Drive and WeVideo that’s no longer a problem.


First of all, WeVideo has a free app that goes on your smart phone and allows you to upload all your video content directly onto Google Drive from anywhere you have internet access…even wireless.  So ‘capacity’ is no longer a problem.  You can happily capture each and every moment without having to worry about whether you have room to store it or not.  Just upload it to your Google Drive.

Secondly, the WeVideo full-featured, drag ‘n drop editor is browser based….meaning that you can edit and customize your videos from any computer anywhere (as long as it’s connected to the net).  You can capture video in the morning, upload it to Google Drive after lunch, capture some more video during the afternoon workshops and then edit it all into a nice little video on your laptop up in your room between dinner and the evening shows.

Imagine the fun you’ll have sharing your videos with everybody the next day when they can see them on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter.

Third, the WeVideo platform is set up to allow for easy collaboration….meaning that multiple people can contribute video content to the same storage file and multiple people can edit the video…like a collaborative video project in Hollywood.  Sometimes two heads are better than one, right?

Fourth, as I mentioned before….WeVideo features easy uploading into several popular social sharing sites….like Facebook, Vimeo (a competitor of Youtube), Twitter, and (of course) mighty YouTube itself. 

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that ‘social content’ (like video) is ‘King’ on the web right now and if you properly optimize video content and get it onto the right platforms on the internet you’re going to be almost assured of excellent Google position.  If you run a studio or have a private teaching practice, that can be very important to you.

WeVideo has four plans.  The most important feature of course is storage capacity.  The free plan is probably OK just to get started but I suspect that most people will gravitate toward the second plan, the “Plus” plan.  It’s $5 a month right now and features 60″ of digital time and 10 gigs of storage.  It’s all explained right there on the website.

WeVideo also features HD video format so the videos look real nice (if they were taken in HD of course).  To capture video content on your mobile device you do need a special ‘app’ but it’s available free from the Goolge Chrome App store.

These bachata congresses I’m reading about look like soooo much fun.  I’m really envious of the people who are able to attend.  Bachata has really re-invigorated the latin social dance community not only in the US but also all over the world.  For some reason, it’s not really at the ‘flash point’ yet over here in the Philippines where I am but I hear that Rodney is discussing doing a Bachata festival over here next year so…..things will undoubtedly be getting better for Bachata here too very soon.

I hear the rooms are just about all gone at the event so if you plan on going and don’t have your room yet…you better hurry.  You know what a drag is is to have to commute to these things.  It’s a lot easier to just roll out of bed, go down the hall to see if your buddies and dance pals are up yet, and then head down to breakfast together at the last moment.

And keep your eye on Rodney for some more great events like this in the near future.