WordPress….just another WanderingSalsero Blog?

by wanderingsalsero

Well, if I’m learning anything at all lately it’s about the value of backlinks.  Yeah, I know ‘social’ is coming into prominence too but since my primary blog is over on Posterous, and it gives me lots of really nice syndication (they call it “autopost”) options, I’m going to start a WordPress.com blog here.

Yea, I had a WordPress.org blog last year but it seems that I picked a theme that was just too hard to manage so….I never used it.  Frankly, I really question whether WordPress is the ‘cat’s meow’ like everybody has been saying it is for all these years.

If Google really sets the rules for the SEO game, and if they’re really monitoring social signals now as their primary popularity indicator, I just can’t see why they’d be ignoring all these other types of blogs.  The fact is, most people newly getting into blogging won’t know about WordPress.org and they also are less likely to want to spend the money to invest in it (i.e. the hosting especially).

So, I’m cool here on WordPress.com for now.  I might be setting up other blogs here too.